A fountain pen that has no equal

A fountain pen that has no equal


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No one is surprised when rich and successful people spend millions of dollars on fancy sports cars, yachts or mansions. But it's not every day that you hear someone spend a fortune on a fountain pen.

What's so special about the pen that costs as much as one of the most expensive cars in the world, the Maybach Exelero? Let's figure it out.


One of a kind

The Italian company Tibaldi has created a unique work of art — the Fulgor Nocturnus pen, which translates from Latin as “night shine” or “night glow”. Looking at the black body of the writing instrument sparkling with diamonds, it is not difficult to guess why it was given such a name.


As befits any masterpiece, Fulgor Nocturnus exists in a single copy. The pen is decorated with a whole speckling of precious stones: 945 black diamonds and 123 rubies. It is worth noting that black diamonds are quite scarce and rarely seen on jewelry.

And what kind of extra-class luxury item can do without gold? The most important part of the pen, the nib, is made of the noble metal.



In the old days, the ink was very caustic and could quickly ruin a fountain tip, so the manufacturers of exclusive pens chose gold. A nib made of the yellow metal is particularly durable and easily draws fine, exquisite lines on paper.


The golden section

Fulgor Nocturnus is distinguished not only by its dazzling beauty and expensive elements. Creating their masterpiece, the masters of Tibaldi have achieved mathematical perfection.

The design of the pen is based on the golden section, which is the name of the ideal ratio of individual parts to the whole. The body and cap of the pen are related in the proportion of 62% to 38%. This proportion can be expressed as a factor of 1.618, which is considered the “golden number” and is widely found in nature, science and art.



A purchase that made history

It's time to find out the most interesting thing — for what sum was the bejeweled beauty sold?

In 2010, at a charity auction in Shanghai, the one and only pen “went under the hammer” for $ 8 million.

For comparison, today with this money you can buy more than 30 Lamborghini Huracan sports cars.

The unprecedented amount spent by a customer on the Fulgor Nocturnus makes it the most expensive pen on the planet. One can only guess — is the unique writing instrument used for its intended purpose?


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