About good and its influence

About good and its influence


It's not always possible to be in the right place and in the right environment. But the stronger the happiness when good people find the way to help in time. We will tell how the actions of people change their mind and affect our lives.

The power of good

We often talk about the power of good people’s influence on a personality. If a person rejected and did not help you at the right time, then most likely we will not count on him in the future. On the contrary, when a person gives a hand to someone at a difficult moment, his heart opens. In turn, we feel a sense of gratitude, we want to live and do something good. These feelings contribute to acceleration of personal growth.  

Reflections on the value of good people

Let's revert to our memories together!

What kind of people do we appreciate the most in our lives? Those who have provided us with invaluable help and taught something important.

What events remain in your memory for life? Those critical situations, when it seemed that there was no way out... But a kind, sincere and empathic person appeared, and everything changed for the better.

What could these people do for us? Just a little. Help, support, say a kind word, do something useful or make us move.

Such people are of special value for our development. They appear in life so that we move forward. Strong people with open hearts perform simple acts filled with love, light and good. As a result, the mind of a person changes a lot. That is when a belief in good able to beat evil is born.  

Philosophy of development

By relying on the help of sincere people, we discover the ability to give light. The good spreads very quickly. And every person in life has a chance to open their heart. This is the first step. But it is priceless, because YOU will make it. Step by step, the foundation of good deeds is laid in the human world.

Those who used to be on another path may be attracted to your bright light. This world is for loving and appreciating, and not for destruction. Each of us can meet a person with the Great Heart. It is not enough to just notice it and get support: it is important not to interrupt the chain of good.  

Global InterGold’s mission

Our goal is to find people living in harmony with the inner values of GOOD and LIGHT. We want to thank the people with Great Hearts and illumine their life path. You can help us in this mission. Thanks to you, we learn about those who deserve our award.

We believe that even in total darkness, there are always people who shine bright.

They fill this world with good, light and joy. They are always there for you. Their hearts are beating to help others, and these hearts should be awarded.


At our conference in Munich we will bestow a medal upon people with Great Hearts.

The “Great Heart” award – the highest Global InterGold’s award

The more good deeds, the better!

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