Believe in yourself. You can get 1KG of gold!

Believe in yourself. You can get 1KG of gold!


«If you start a competition thinking that someone else will win it, you have a serious problem”

Maria Sharapova, multiple winner of tennis tournaments

Many people are afraid of pursuing their dreams, and that can cost a career and well-being! How to overcome fear and insecurity and fulfill your plans?

The Global InterGold company helps people believe in themselves and achieve success. Its customers buy investment gold bars and develop their own business based on recommendations.

More than two million people - even those who doubted at first – earn with the company’s support.

The main thing in life is to grasp the right opportunity. Global InterGold is the opportunity to earn easily with no restrictions or limits”

Anastasia M., Russia

In addition to the possibility of earning, the company provides customers with various gifts that can be obtained by participating in contests.

The Grand Summer Voyage 2017 competition started in October. Anyone making successful recommendations scores points. As a result, people earn and are eligible to win the main prize: a cruise across the Mediterranean Sea!

During that trip, participants will compete for a prize worth 38,000 euros. By popular request, the contest for 1KG of gold will be held for the second time so that one more client could become the owner of this golden prize.

Anyone can win. Get to know the rules and see it for yourself! But first, find out how to become a Global InterGold's client! Do not miss the chance of a lifetime!