[Business in Uruguayan style] A conference in Montevideo has started!

[Business in Uruguayan style] A conference in Montevideo has started!


“With Global InterGold, my life has changed for the better. Now I make my dreams come true!”

Joel Mautone, GIG client from Uruguay

The event held in Uruguay was a resounding success! Read the article with the latest information here.

The splendid Kibon Avanza in Montevideo has become the venue for a business conference arranged by Global InterGold, the company which allows anyone to earn high income with gold.

The conference called "The Road to the Future" will last for 2 days. Its name reflects the aim of the event organizers, which is to teach people how to earn with gold. According to the experts' opinion, it is the asset of the future!

The event program comprises speeches of gold businessmen and the company’s management, and an Awards Ceremony for the best customers.

See the photos and feel a boost of inspiration:


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