Coffee with a golden flavor

Coffee with a golden flavor



Coffee is not just a drink, but an important part of the lifestyle of many people. For some, the process of consuming it is a real ritual. Such people can easily sacrifice the speed and convenience of coffee making, as they prefer classic brewing methods to automation and high technology.

Not long ago, Royal Paris decided to please true coffee connoisseurs and, in its own way, honor the exquisite taste of the drink. And the company did it truly luxuriously by presenting to the world a coffee maker with parts plated with 24K gold.

By the way, the combination “gold + coffee maker” became popular in the 19th century, when coffee began to acquire increasing significance as a symbol of refined taste. The luxurious item made of the precious metal appeared at a royal reception in the palace of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I, where guests were treated to an aromatic drink.

Despite the fact that the ritual of making coffee originated much earlier, it was in the Austrian Empire that the luxurious traditions of coffee ceremonies arose, which Royal Paris masterfully continues to embody to this day.

Gold has always been associated with wealth and splendor. Coffee machines crafted using the noble metal are a vivid embodiment of style and elegance. Their fortunate owners say that everyone’s favorite invigorating drink, prepared in a luxurious coffee maker, becomes a real culinary masterpiece. They note that the aroma, taste and texture of coffee acquire new flavors thanks to gold.

It takes over 50 hours to create one premium-class coffee machine. Manufacturers place special emphasis on individuality and offer each client to choose rare materials for the base: volcanic glass, Afghan azurite, or malachite. Naturally, all the elements of the coffee maker are handmade. In each set, the coffee aficionado will find three items: a Baccarat crystal decanter, a coffee spoon and a siphon adorned with brass patterns in the form of gargoyles, oak leaves and fleuron ornaments.


What makes the “golden coffee makers” especially unique is that only 6 such masterpieces are produced every month. Their price varies from 9 to 15 thousand pounds. 


Yet luxury in the world of invigorating drinks is not limited to coffee makers by Royal Paris. For the fans of more modern kitchen appliances, Elite Luxury Gold Planting offers customers the opportunity to enjoy espresso prepared using a SMEG coffee machine with gold plated elements. The price of such a device is 910 pounds.

Elegant lines and stylish shapes blend with the shine of gold, creating a royal atmosphere. Each drop of the aromatic drink prepared in a coffee machine with gilded parts becomes part of a rather sophisticated ritual.



Gold has always had special meaning in various cultures. It is for this reason that in recent years one can increasingly observe how the noble metal transforms even the most ordinary objects into true works of art. Therefore, “golden coffee makers” are a great way to express one’s individual style. And it does not matter whether you are a connoisseur of modern minimalism or a supporter of classical elegance.


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