Cruise for Global InterGold clients: Mediterranean sea calls!

Cruise for Global InterGold clients: Mediterranean sea calls!


7 days on board a chic cruise ship to the sound of waves, the glitter of lights and ... gold.

The Global InterGold company indulges those who work hard and achieve their goals! 

Every year, all Global InterGold clients can participate in the Grand Summer Voyage competition whose main prize is a cruise across marvelous Mediterranean countries and the opportunity to win 1 kg of gold!

Let's see what awaits the voyage participants this year:



The 30 clients who have proved their loyalty, dedication and enthusiasm go on a well-deserved journey on board the luxury MSC Meraviglia ship where they can:

  • enjoy the unforgettable Cirque du Soleil shows
  • relax by the pools, in SPA and the water park
  • walk along the promenade under the giant interactive LED-dome
  • taste the masterpieces of chefs from 12 different restaurants
  • go on fascinating tours in the ports of call
  • and much more!

You can be a hero of this magical adventure too!

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