Gold treasures: to seek or not to seek. Where to find gold for sure?

Gold treasures: to seek or not to seek. Where to find gold for sure?


Old houses, new surprises

On November 22nd, “The Telegraph” reported that a Frenchman found a gold treasure in his own home. Having inherited the estate, the new owner decided to sell it at auction. But it turned out that the heir had far more wealth than he had imagined.

When an auction employee evaluated the property, he found 100 kg of gold coins and bars hidden all over the house. He even found a tin box full of gold under a pile of clothes in the bathroom. The total value of the gold found there is 3.5 million euros.

Old pipes? Some gold to find!

These cases occur every once in a while. The BBC has reported that in 2011, a French couple from Millau found a treasure in their attic.

The couple were just checking the pipes when they came across a clay pot containing 34 gold coins dating from 1595 to 1789. A local expert estimated that the most expensive of those coins was priced at 6,500 euros.

Luck was on their side. But neither money or gold are often sitting in attics or under bathtubs. That is why earning with gold is a sure way to ensure prosperity. How? Conducting your own business!

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