Golden cocoons: the artist surprised the world

Golden cocoons: the artist surprised the world



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Since ancient times, the yellow metal has attracted the attention of art connoisseurs. Many masters use the noble metal in their works, which gives the creations sophistication and elegance.

So did Hubert Duprat — an artist from France, born in 1957. He is renowned for his non-standard creations in which insects play a key role.


In the photo: caddisfly larvae in a golden cocoon.


One day, Duprat was observing caddisfly larvae (insects that are found in almost all ponds and rivers). Often fishermen use these tiny creatures as bait for trout. The larvae crawled in the water along the branches and pebbles, attempting to build temporary cocoons. The master had a unique idea, which eventually transformed into a big project.

Hubert began working with insects in the 1980s. He found them in their natural environment and took them to his workshop, where he carefully removed their covers (protective formations) and placed the larvae in containers.

To build water cocoons, insects secrete silk from the salivary glands, with which they glue all kinds of available objects. As a result, a tube-shaped structure is formed. Duprat decided to apply this to art and placed the larvae in glass containers with gold flakes.

Initially, he used only particles of the noble metal, but later began to add turquoise, coral, opal, azurite, pearls, rubies, sapphires and diamonds to aquariums.


In the photo: a cocoon of gold and precious stones.


Although caddisfly larvae may seem creepy and nasty, it’s hard to deny the beauty of the resulting creation — a small sculpture from the noble metal held together with silk.

It is remarkable what masters can resort to in order to get famous, find inspiration and earn the laurels of an innovator in art. Of course, gold is the best material to add beauty, luxury and spectacularity to the creations.


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