Grand Summer Voyage 2016: The Prize of the Year!

Grand Summer Voyage 2016: The Prize of the Year!


If you choose to live to the fullest, the Grand Summer Voyage is an experience not to be missed!

7 days and 7 nights reserved the 25 most resolute Global InterGold customers. Get this extraordinary prize!

From the bow to the stern, Harmony of the Seas is a wonderful floating oasis in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.

What to do on board? In Harmony of the Seas, you choose. Witness the sunrise from the swimming pool while enjoying your favourite cocktail; dance the night away in one of the many bars, have endless fun in the aqua park....

What about settting foot on land? Harmony of the Seas will stop in the jewels of the Mediterranean: Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Florence, Pisa and Naples.

Each of these beautiful Mediterranean coastal cities have a special gift for its visitors. The winners of the Grand Summer Voyage Competition will have the chance to visit the most famous places and taste mouth-watering delicacies of different countries!

And best of all, they will do it in the company of successful people from all over the world!

Because the name “Harmony of the Seas” was not chosen at random – there you will live a harmony you’ll wish you could hold onto forever.

Live the Grand Summer Voyage with the satisfactory feeling that you truly deserve it. You work hard, focus on your goals and never doubt about your victory!

Keep developing your business!

Set high goals!

And win a Golden Ticket

to the Grand Summer Voyage!


Get more details: The hottest competition for the main prize of next summer has started: Grand Summer Voyage 2016!