Italy: Riches of the ancient theater

Italy: Riches of the ancient theater



In Como, Northern Italy, a valuable hoard has been found with hundreds of ancient gold coins. Scientists believe that it was buried about 1500 years ago, during the decline of the Roman Empire.

The Ministry of Cultural Heritage of Italy reports that a unique treasure was discovered in the city center during construction works. The head of the department stressed that the area of Como is "a real treasure trove for archaeologists", and the recently discovered item has become one of the most valuable in years.


History: Como is a city in Italy on the shore of the same-name lake, on the foothills of the Alps near the Swiss border. In 193 BC the settlement became part of the Roman Republic. During the collapse of the empire, Como was often raided by barbarians who looted the city. Possibly, one of the locals buried the riches so that enemy wouldn’t get them.

In the photo: gold coins that were minted in the powerful empire approximately in 470 were stored in a metal jar of a peculiar shape.


The vessel full of coins was buried on the territory of the former Cressoni theater, which existed from 1870 to 1997. Builders have found a treasure during the construction work in preparation to demolish the building. Archaeologists intend to conduct large-scale excavations in the hope of finding other ancient treasures.

In the photo: artifacts that have remained in the ground for one and a half millennium were found in excellent condition.


In the near future, scientists intend to determine the historical and cultural value of the hoard. Afterwards, the coins will be showcased in the exposition of the local museum. Experts believe that the price of the discovery may be several million dollars.


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