Lack of Financial Security: a number one threat to society?

Lack of Financial Security: a number one threat to society?



What is the main problem in human life?

A person does not know or is not sure what will happen to him/her tomorrow. And above all, a person is not sure how well he/she can survive in the future.


Among other questions to which a person tries to find answers without any success, these three occupy a special place:

  1. What to do with my debts that need to be paid off soon?

  2. How to fix the situation when my expenses exceed income?

  3. How to survive the crisis without significant financial losses?


Lack of answers to these questions often causes self-doubt that prevents a person from making long-term plans.

Instead of setting global goals and tasks, a person soon begins to think in terms of “how to survive until the next paycheck.”

The situation is aggravated by the fact that the world today is very unpredictable. Relatively quiet periods are suddenly replaced by global shocks. Economic and political crises, epidemics and armed conflicts invade people's lives without warning. And when difficult times pass, it is very hard to get back on track and start living anew.

In such circumstances, a person often sinks into depression, fearing that he/she can lose everything. And today, more and more people opt for antidepressants, alcohol and “legal drugs” as a simple solution to their problems without a second thought. But from all this, the situation only worsens: health suffers, spending increases, relations with loved ones deteriorate.

And if a person KNEW the root cause of the problem, in his/her life there would be much less uncertainty and anxiety. Now, in our opinion, the time has come to make the right diagnosis!


Lack of Financial Security (LFS)

Today this “virus” hit the entire planet and continues its march, given that more and more victims have fallen into its trap. The fact is that most people and families on our planet (like most governments) live in debt and cannot balance their expenses and incomes.

At this moment, a person has an idea connected with the danger for his/her further survival. This is a warning signal that the mind gives to a person, though not in the form of physical pain, but emotional and mental one.

This usually manifests itself in the fact that a person has a need to work and do some things that are imposed on him/her, and not those that he/she really wants to do. For example, a person is forced to look for a second job or hold on to a job that he/she no longer likes.

How to avoid the “disease” of this widespread Lack of Financial Security virus?

Many are inclined to think that in our time it is impossible to ensure Financial Security. But we believe that this is not true.

First of all, a person should realize that there are proven laws of money that allow him/her to balance expenses and income regardless of the level of current earnings.

If we find the root cause of the problem, then we can always do something with it in order to eliminate or at least reduce its undesirable effect.

In our case, it is necessary to “turn off” the “Lack of Financial Security” alarm button in the mind.


How to do it?

Our answer: one must study the laws of the functioning of money and learn to apply the principles embodied in them. This will allow you to balance expenses and incomes, gain financial stability and protect yourself from the effects of negative external factors.

When this condition is met, the “Lack of Financial Security” panic button in the mind becomes deactivated, and the “virus” is defeated.

We know that it is very difficult to achieve a state of Financial Security alone. It is much easier to do this together with other people in a group of like-minded individuals. Such a group may have knowledge or technology inaccessible to one person.

Global InterGold has been specializing in Financial Security for ten years and has been developing effective methods to combat the LFS virus. We have the knowledge, experience and proven technologies that we share with people around the world to help them free themselves from depression and anxiety.

In our work, we focus on the future, trying to predict possible scenarios for the development of events in the world and in individual regions of the planet. This allows us to quickly respond to changes and adapt our projects to new realities. Already today we are creating what will become the generally accepted basis for effective financial decisions tomorrow.


A new step into the future

Another victory in the fight against the LFS virus was the launch of the digital platform GIG-OS, representing an international online platform where people meet and collaborate, while being united by the desire to ensure Financial Security. To achieve this goal, the platform has the latest tools developed by the company taking into account current trends in the global economy.

We have done our part to make Financial Security a reality. All you need to do is to decide whether you are ready to use our innovations to achieve long-term stability and success.


Symptoms of the LFS virus

  1. Unpaid debts that need to be repaid.

  2. Threat to survival.

  3. Insecurity of vital interests.

  4. Weakness in upholding one’s interests.

  5. Acute threat of loss (property, standard of living, etc.)

  6. Depression or fear of losing everything you have.

  7. Inability to make long-term plans, set global goals.

  8. Limited mindset: “how to survive until the next paycheck.”

  9. Lack of authority among others.

  10. Self-doubt, insecurity.

  11. The need to do some things that life imposes on people (for example, most people are dependent on work, because without it they will lose their only source of income).

  12. Expenses exceed incomes.