Money problems in Nigeria? Weve got YOUR SOLUTION!

Money problems in Nigeria? Weve got YOUR SOLUTION!


Nigeria's economic and social problems are not only a matter of the national government: they are affecting the quality of life of private individuals.

How can Nigerians forget about crisis and build their own future?


  1. Below the poverty line

Most of people in the country live in extreme poverty. But the figure has increased from 1991 to 2010 by a significant amount: from 5% to 70%. This means that most Nigerians live on $1,25 - $2 a day.

  1. A corrupted government

The country's politicians earn in 1 year what an ordinary person does in 65. This statistics proves the high level of corruption the system has in many areas.

  1. A big gap between rich and poor

Having the second largest economy of Africa and plentiful natural resources makes Nigeria have a great potential. The problem? Money and land are unequally distributed, which makes the gap between rich and poor bigger day after day.

  1. Inability to find a good job

People from the rural areas of Nigeria can't find a job. Unemployment makes people move to the cities, but not even there can't they find a decent job.

  1. Lack of education

Only 50% of the total number of women in the country and 30% of the male population are educated due to an incompetent educational system. This directly affects the issue of finding a good job, and the country cannot keep on growing.​


Nigerians find it very hard to overcome these problems, and the government doesn't help... But they now have a unique opportunity to improve their quality of life!

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