Mysteries of Los Angeles: chests of gold

Mysteries of Los Angeles: chests of gold


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Secrets of the past: the legend of the buried treasure trove

Known more for its glitz and glam rather than priceless treasures, bustling Los Angeles keeps a fascinating secret that has captured the imagination of the locals. According to a legend that is over a hundred years old, countless treasures are hidden in Elysian Park.

The story goes that in 1846, after the outbreak of the Mexican-American War, wealthy residents sought to save their lives and valuables from the onslaught of soldiers. The rich decided to dig out hiding places in which they could hide money and valuables. Since then, it is believed that chests filled with gold and jewels are safely stored underground.


Treasure seekers and their adventures in the park

There have always been and will be skeptics who doubt the existence of the treasure trove. They are sure that the legend of the treasure is the invention of those who wish to attract visitors to Elysian Park.

Indeed, many attempts were made to find gold, but the locals were never able to find at least some evidence.


In the photo: Elysian Park, where treasures are supposedly hidden. The search for them is complicated by the fact that excavations are prohibited in the park.


The law states that visitors can only sift the top layer of sand in the recreation areas without causing inconvenience to vacationers. This hinders a successful search, but increases the adventurers’ desire to find gold.


Gold chest hunters: myth or reality?

Daredevils and romantics are ready to take risks for the sake of a great discovery. In some secluded corner of the famous park, perhaps the lucky ones will eventually find an amazing treasure, but for now, the thickets of grass and shrubs only give hope. Surely, one day someone will find the key to the past, and find out what the earth hides and what stories it is ready to tell.

Today, the search is becoming the main value in this mysterious story. Fragile hope and romance of the past are closely intertwined and shrouded in a golden glow. Every minute a treasure hunter spends searching for legendary riches is filled with anticipation and excitement.

Elysian Park keeps its secret securely, capturing the attention of those who are ready to go on a journey through time and distance.


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