Mysterious treasures that couldnt be found

Mysterious treasures that couldnt be found


Spoils of war or stolen treasures… You won't believe these stories that gold features, but these treasures are definitely a means to get richer... if you are lucky enough!

Gold from Nazi times

During the Second World War, the Nazis robbed Europe and took anything they considered valuable. Gold was one of their top interests. As they were retreating, they hid these treasures throughout Poland, Austria, and Germany. And they still remain undiscovered. Where would you start looking? The Lainawald forest near Leipzig is a good option. Many believe that some gold is buried in caves, which are filled with poison gas. Another location is Lake Toplitz in Austria, where the Nazis supposedly submerged several boxes full of gold. Many treasures have been found in the lake, though not gold yet.

Butch Cassidy’s Gold

The death of the notorious American gangster, Butch Cassidy, is still a mystery. Historians believe that he died somewhere in Bolivia in 1908, but before his death Mr. Cassidy had made himself a name in history by robbing trains, banks, and whatever providing him with good money. A loot of such volume was obviously too big for him to carry, so he is believed to have buried around $21,000 in cash somewhere in Moffat County, Colorado.

Civil War Spoils

If gold hunting and digging are among your hobbies, you can try luck in Fairfax County, Virginia. Reports and rumors say that a confederate raiding party took a large amount of valuable items with them from Virginia's Courthouse during the Civil War. At some point, the soldiers had to bury the loot worth $350,000 somewhere between two pines. They even marked this place with an “X”. Do you fancy a walk in the pines?

The Beale Ciphers Treasure

This story dates back to the 1800s, when a group of hunters came across a mine full of silver and gold in Colorado. One of them – Thomas Beale – was tasked to bring the treasure safe and sound back to Virginia. But he hid it somewhere on the way instead. After his death, only three encrypted letters with some vague tips remained. To this day, one letter has been deciphered, but most of the location details are have not been found. Would you dare to solve the mystery yourself?

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