Preserving and multiplying money: Specifics of smart investment

Preserving and multiplying money: Specifics of smart investment


By earning money, we want you and your loved ones to have enough money for a decent life. We will tell you how to invest smart and receive high income.

All currency depreciate over time, financial systems get abolished, governments resign. Instability affects every aspect of our living.

According to the data from the “Global Findex” report by Finance and Private Sector Development Team of the Development Research Group, 76% of people have admitted that they will have to seek for money elsewhere when the rainy day comes. Only 28% of the population (1.2 billion) have personal funds to use, while 56% have no savings at all.

Financial protection: investing in gold

Storing and investing funds in the yellow metal is a reliable way to preserve your money. According to financial analysts, gold protects against political and economic risks. The weaker the dollar and the stronger inflation, the higher gold prices.

Gold has a range of well-known advantages:

  • safety of funds regardless of economic shocks
  • ever-growing value
  • reliability and profitability

1. Purchase of shares of gold mining companies. Income depends not only on the market value, but also on the success of the company itself. The price of shares may be unstable due to various internal and external factors.

2. Purchase of gold jewelry. Alloys used to make gold jewelry mostly do not feature pure gold, and the cost of each item depends on its fineness. The price of an alloy is always lower than that of 1 gram of pure metal. It makes sense to spend money on jewelry unless its historical value is high.

3. Purchase of coins. Usually the cost of commemorative coins is high, but it is difficult to sell them. Sometimes, taxes add up to the price of coins, which reduces buyers’ interest. Finding the buyer or collector might be challenging too.

4. Purchase of investment gold bars. This type of investment protects against the unreliability of banks and economic instability. Over the past 10 years, gold prices have increased by 300%. If your task is a long-term investment, we advise you to choose investment in gold bars.

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