Reach a new financial level in the Philippines!

Reach a new financial level in the Philippines!


Unemployment and a highly unequal distribution of wealth are the main economic problems the Philippines face every day. In this landscape, Filipinos find it very difficult to have a better quality of life.

How can Filipinos improve their financial situation?

Economic problems

The country's economic growth in 2010 supposed hardly nothing for the personal financial situation of thousands of Filipinos who couldn't barely afford a home, food or clothing. In fact, a report affirmed that in 2015, 99 million Filipinos lived on $5,000 a year, an amount unable to cover the most basic expenses.

The distribution of agricultural land is also very unequal. Only a small percentage owns farmland, and farming becomes very expensive for the rest. In addition to that, the tax system is highly dependent on the Filipinos who work abroad, and the money flow to the country is lesser due to several recessions over the last decades.

Social situation

Good education is only for the privileged. Apart from being expensive, Filipinos are not guaranteed a well-paid job or a stable future once they finish their studies.

Government corruption does not help to the image of the country either. That is why foreigners prefer investing in other countries, which means that the country's infrastructure remains poor while the population keeps on growing.

Filipinos can now reach a new financial level

Filipinos have a great opportunity to earn money at their disposal: running a gold business. This business model works regardless of their social, economic and educational background, and provides people with the possibility to create a stable source of income.

The initiative is offered by the Global InterGold company, a company that allows its clients to improve their quality of life easily. By developing a career with gold, clients improve their financial situation and that of their families from the very first month.

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