Robert Kiyosaki: only gold hoarders will survive in times of crisis

Robert Kiyosaki: only gold hoarders will survive in times of crisis


In 2012, the famous investor, author and motivational speaker, Robert Kiyosaki, made a forecast concerning the situation in the market in the next 5 years.

Was it incorrect or has it come true? Find it out!

Robert Kiyosaki is well known around the world as an educator, brilliant businessman and financial guru. His reputation is based on his straight talk, courage to express his forthright views, and unconventional financial advice. He is also respected for his ability to produce forecasts that turn out to be surprisingly correct.

Are Kiyosaki’s forecasts reliable?

In 2000, when one ounce of gold used to cost $275, he advised everyone to buy gold. He was anticipating a recession in several years, and, thus, was ready to face it, when it shook the world in 2008. Moreover, being prepared for the crisis, Mr Kiyosaki used his assets wisely and even increased his fortune.

What did he predict in 2012?

His anticipation revealed concerns about the future of the USA. If his forecasts materialized, the United States and the whole world would go through serious upheavals and would probably suffer from disorders. According to Kiyosaki, only those who hoard gold reserves will be safe in times, when all currencies lose their value.

Robert Kiyosaki believes that the ‘era of money’ is almost over, and currencies will soon disappear, leaving only intrinsic commodities in the market.

How to put Kiyosaki’s ideas into pratice?

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