Rome hosted the Global Convention 2016, the main event of the autumn!

Rome hosted the Global Convention 2016, the main event of the autumn!


Business training, earning possibilities, a unique gold exhibition, and much more in this autumn's Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016 in Rome!

Why did this event attract businessmen from 38 countries? Keep on reading and find out!

On October 7th and 8th, a large-scale event took place at the Ergife Palace Hotel in Rome, Italy. We are talking about the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016. The attendees of this conference improved their knowledge on how to enhance the development of their gold businesses.

Global InterGold's Global Convention has taken place for the sixth consecutive year and has already become a tradition for the company's customers from 5 continents.

Program of the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016

This year, the event program was particularly rich. The attendees listened to speeches on earnings opportunities with investment gold bars and had the chance to have professional photos taken, as well as videos where they shared their opinion about the event itself and the gold business too.

The guests could also have a closer look at the company's gold products displayed in the Gold Exhibition 2016: investment gold bars from the best international producers, including GIG-branded gold bars, which can be easily purchased in the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop.

GIG-branded gold bars are, indeed, a proof of the business reliability and sustainability.

As the event closure, some of the attendees enjoyed the exclusive Leaders Gala Dinner. A dinner in the company of Global InterGold’s management and other successful people in a relaxed atmosphere, listening to good jazz music, and savoring excellent dishes.

How much does 38,000 EUR weigh?

One of the wonders of the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016 was the presence of gold bars of 1 kilo, and a special case with 10 gold bars weighing 100 grams each.

And one of the attendees of the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016 received this case with one kilogram of gold as a prize!

That is what 38,000 EUR weights. Would you like to win the same prize? This is possible if you are a Global InterGold client and participate in the company’s competitions and events!

Success with Global InterGold is available to everyone! Become a GIG customer and attend the company's events while traveling the world and earning money with gold!