Сompetition with a prize of 40,000 euros is not a joke!

Сompetition with a prize of 40,000 euros is not a joke!


Global InterGold’s soul is more than generous. Who got a case with a kilogram of gold this year? 

Global InterGold company highly appreciates the work of its most active clients, and the 1 KG Gold Contest is an excellent proof for this.

The participants of 1 KG Gold Contest, who had already managed to show their best in the Grand Summer Voyage Competition, passed several stages of trials to determine the strongest candidates. It was a difficult struggle won by Julia Beykina, a well-known leader from Russia.


She received her award at the most important event of the year: the Global Convention 2017 in Munich. The awarding ceremony when the coveted case with ten 100-gram gold bars was bestowed upon her turned to be the culmination of the conference, and Julia's words of gratitude touched everyone!



And what a wonderful message of hers: "I wish that each of you receives a kilogram of gold!"

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