The 10th Grand Leader of the Global Assembly 2016 is revealed! Now we know them all!

The 10th Grand Leader of the Global Assembly 2016 is revealed! Now we know them all!


Find out his name and where he comes from! We'll also revise the names of other Grand Leaders who will pronounce their inspirational speeches in Rome. 

There are only three weeks left until the Global Assembly 2016 starts. This important conference will be held in the splendid Rome Cavalieri Hotel on 30th April and 1st May.

10 Grand Leaders will share their stunning stories of gold business success at the Global Assembly 2016

We are more than happy to see that the number of hardworking Global InterGold leaders is growing every day. Gold business unites ambitious and dedicated people!

We remind you that we have been receiving leaders' motivational video-messages and letters from all over the globe. All of the company's leaders have a word to say to the world and each of them deserves to be granted a Grand Leader's title.

The leaders' videos were supposed to reveal their leadership features and inform listeners about their contribution to gold business development. The following aspects have been considered when selecting each Grand Leader:

1) Statistics and business development.

2) Events organization.

3) Public speaking.

4) Participation in Global InterGold activities.

The 10th Grand Leader and a great role model is


The gift of eloquence has brought Ivan Bianco rounds of applause. The charismatic leader is a go getter who has shared his business expertise and years-long experience with the noble aim of improving the quality of life of as many people as possible. Each day, this leader stays in the front line galvanizing thousands to do everything what it takes to keep his frenetic business rhythm!

Ivan Bianco will be the third Grand Leader from Italy to share his story of success with customers from all over the world at the Global Assembly 2016!

The list of 10 Grand Leaders at the Global Assembly is as follows:

Gino Andres Ferruggiaro (Italy)

Jose Antonio Garduno Leon (Mexico)

Antonio Jose Pinto Miguel (France)

Carmen Abigail Cordova Rona (Peru)

Lucero Blasquez (Mexico)

Carmen Rosa Ramírez (Colombia)

Paolo Secci (Italy)

Mauricio Katayama (Japan)

Marcia Maria Pellenz Arakaki (Japan and Brazil)

Ivan Bianco (Italy)

Don't forget that 10 candidates from the participants of the Global Assembly 2016 will be selected and considered for the title of the next Grand Leader. They will also make speeches at the next official Global InterGold event!

You have only two weeks left to purchase tickets for the conference! Hurry up!

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