The New Year’s gold: precious decorations for the Christmas tree

The New Year’s gold: precious decorations for the Christmas tree



The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree originated in Germany. According to one version, in the 16th century, the German reformer Martin Luther first decorated a Christmas tree with candles and placed the Star of Bethlehem on top of it. Throughout Europe, the Christmas tree began to be decorated only at the beginning of the 19th century. Traditionally, these were fruits, sweets, nuts and candles.


The variety of modern Christmas tree decorations is amazing. The main symbol of Christmas and New Year includes little angels, characters from fairy tales and modern cartoons, various animals and even jewelry. Some Christmas decorations are worth a fortune.


Here’s the top three most expensive Christmas tree decorations in the world.


Third place: festive decorations by Versace


Versace Home, apart from interior products, produces Christmas tree decorations. Craftsmen use precious metals and stones to create unique Christmas decorations, which explains the high cost of toys.


In 2010, the Versace brand launched a collection of porcelain Christmas balls. To add an exquisite shine, the toys were covered with a pattern of a thin layer of gold.


In the photo: exquisite blue, red, white, green and gold balls were adorned with amazing ornaments. The price of the items was 100 euro per piece.


Second place: Krebs Glas Lauscha Christmas tree decorations

Krebs Glas Lauscha is one of the most respected Christmas tree decoration companies in the world. It has been making them since the mid-19th century.


In 2008, the company created a Christmas decoration plated with 12K gold and diamonds. It is no coincidence that jewelers chose this precious metal, given that it is durable and can take various forms.


In the photo: the Christmas toy was adorned with a curly filigree made of the noble metal with 120 diamonds (a total of 5.1 carats). The cost of the gold item: 20,000 euro.


The elegant combination of deep red color and the unmistakable glitter of gold, in which diamonds shimmer, makes the jewelry truly luxurious.


First place: Christmas tree decoration by Hallmark Jewelers

The first place rightfully belongs to the decoration, which in 2009 was recognized by the World Record Academy as the most expensive Christmas tree decoration in the world. Mark Hussey crafted the Christmas ball using 18K white gold. It took over a year to create the unique creation. 


In the photo: Mark Hussey’s Christmas tree decoration is encrusted with 1,578 diamonds and 188 rubies. The painstaking work of placing the stones in the frame made of the precious metal alone took 130 hours, and the cost of the finished item was $130,000. 


The designer’s hopes were fulfilled: his creation made Hallmark Jewelers famous.


Gold has always been and will be an eternal symbol of wealth and beauty, but on the eve of Christmas and New Year, the precious metal is able to give people something more. Gold embodies the glow and warmth of sun. It helps creating a special atmosphere of comfort during the New Year holidays.


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