What is the result of the “Gold vs. Money” online survey?

What is the result of the “Gold vs. Money” online survey?


The Global InterGold company recently carried out a survey to determine what people value most: gold or money.

Why did gold win?

Gold's overwhelming victory

The survey polled 594 Facebook users. It turned out that only 56 people voted for money, while the rest voted for gold. How do they justify their decision?

Here is what Valentin Aponte from Mexico said:

“I choose gold because it is the wisest choice and it multiplies my money. In contrast, paper money loses its value. Besides, gold is more beautiful than paper money!”

Edgar Cruz Becerril, Mr Aponte’s countryman, shared his opinion too:

“If you compare gold and money, the former does not lose its value. On the contrary, its value grows over the years!”

And Melinda Onga from Lebanon believes that “gold will exist for centuries and will never vanish”.

People know why they prefer gold over money, being its high value one of the main reasons.

Now the question is: why is the value of the yellow metal so high?

Gold is a limited resource which can be used in different fields due to its particular characteristics. In other words, there is little gold and it is demanded by numerous sectors. The high competition translates into a constantly growing price.

Combine this with the fact that currencies lose their value over the years because of inflation. What do we get? More people choosing gold to protect their capital.

Experts’ opinion

Many experts believe that gold is the real money and that the gold standard ought to be reestablished.

“The gold standard sooner or later will return with the force and inevitability of natural law, for it is the money of freedom and honesty.”

Hans F. Sennholz, economist

The economist, author, and investor Donald Hoppe agrees:

Whenever an overall breakdown of a monetary or financial system occurs, return to gold always restores order, revives confidence and brings back prosperity.”

But should the gold standard never be reestablished, what could we do to make the most of gold?

Start buying gold now, regardless of the price. By acting now, you will not have to react when it’s too late. Too late will be when the majority of the public finally figures out what is happening to paper money and frantically tries to get aboard. Remember, if you’re one of the ones holding paper in the end, you will have given away your products and services for nothing.”

Robert Ringer, motivational speaker and author

Invest in a safe future

The “Gold vs. Money” survey showed that people's opinion is not very different from that of economic experts.

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