Can you answer these questions about gold? Test yourself!

Can you answer these questions about gold? Test yourself!


It seems that we know everything about gold, but the truth is that there is still a lot to discover. We have gathered 8 questions to test your knowledge about gold.

Would you like to get to know more curious facts about this precious metal? Solve them and leave your comments!

1) What contains more gold than a ton of rocks in gold mines?

Answer: A ton of cell phones. Yes, so do not rush to throw them away. Each of them contains a certain amount of this precious metal!

2) Could every person in the world own 4 kg of gold?

Answer: Yes. If all the gold dissolved in the immensity of the oceans was extracted, every person on this planet could own 4 kg of gold.

3) Why would we need a gold spoon?

Answer: To taste different kinds of ice cream in a row and distinguish each taste clearly. Interestingly, you can eat not only ice cream, but gold itself since it is edible!

4) What is the award the Lego company used to give to its employees for 25th working anniversary?

Answer: One Lego brick made of gold weighing 25.65 grams.

5) What can be found on trees apart from leaves?

Answer: Gold! There are cases known when traces of gold were found in eucalyptus leaves.

6) What does everyone want and few people are afraid of?

Answer: Again, gold! Can you imagine that some people are actually afraid of this precious metal? Well, few people suffer from “Aurophobia” fear of gold.

7) What weighs the same as a small elephant?

Answer: The largest gold nugget ever found in the world weights 250 kg.

8) What can be found on all continents and is available to every person on the Earth?

Answer: of course, gold! Everyone wants this precious metal which protects and multiplies capital. How does gold do that? Find the answer here!

Gold never stops to amaze us!