Global 100 is the contest for those who dare to win. Welcome July winners!

Global 100 is the contest for those who dare to win. Welcome July winners!


If you are looking for an opportunity to make money and get valuable gifts, Global 100 is all you need. The contest has already enabled many to increase their level of income and get gold bars!

Today we announce the winners of July's round!

Global 100 is a contest held by the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop. This company specializes in the purchase and sale of high-quality investment gold bars. Recently, Global InterGold launched the production of its own gold bars, which include the company's logo as a high quality indicator. Any client developing their gold business and meeting the contest's requirements can get authentic gold bars.

Three of the company's clients won and received valuable prizes in July:

3rd place: 1 ounce of gold

Pamela Guadalupe Barreto Escobar, Mexico

2nd place: 50 g of gold

Nikolay Sidorov, Russia

1st place: 100 g of gold and the title of «Gold Businessman»

Gevork Dzhlavyan, Russia

We sincerely congratulate our winners! They have received the previous prizes for a stable development of their gold businesses. Gevork Dzhlavyan, the winner with the title «Gold Businessman», has received an additional 100-grams gold bar for winning the first place two consecutive months.

Gevork Dzhlavyan has got gold worth of 7,400 euros!

How to start and develop a gold business?

Global InterGold offers the possibility to purchase high quality gold bars which serve clients to protect their capital from inflation, and to conduct their own businesses consisting of the following stages:

  • the customer places an order for a set of gold bars

  • the customer makes successful recommendations of the company’s product and services

  • the customer receives rewards (in euros)

The company encourages clients' business development by bestowing awards upon those who score the maximum of points! And the Global 100 contest is just one of Global InterGold's encouraging initiatives.

How to win in Global 100?

Act like a winner:

  • develop your gold business successfully

  • use the business tools provided by the company

  • improve your skills at GIG's international events

  • believe in your success

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