How not to fall victim to burnout?

How not to fall victim to burnout?




“I am completely worn out!” — a phrase that you most probably heard more than once and said it yourself. Often these are not just mere words, but signs of a serious health risk.

Physicians recommend sticking to the rule of three eights to sustain the right balance: spend eight hours working, devote eight hours to personal needs, followed by eight hours of sleep. The imbalance leads to chronic fatigue syndrome and negative consequences for human body and psyche.


Check yourself

Have you noticed that:

  • your working hours periodically exceed the norm of 40 hours per week;

  • you eat in a hurry;

  • it seems to you that the pace of life has been accelerating;

  • you constantly think and talk about work;

  • the slightest physical activity causes discomfort;

  • you are often annoyed or get angry over nothing.

If you can relate to at least two of these warning signs – there is a high risk of a burnout.

What exactly poses a threat?

Imagine that you have worked 12 hours without a break, and then you get behind the wheel. Will it be easy for you to drive a car? Will you be able to react to an unexpected obstacle on the road in time? According to statistics, every fifth road accident in the world happens due to driver’s fatigue.

A burnout weakens the immune system and leads to mental disorders, heart attacks and fatal accidents.

Karōshi is a Japanese term and its phenomenon has become widespread in other parts of the world. It is translated as “overwork death”, meaning the occupational sudden mortality, including strokes, heart attacks and suicides caused by exhausting labor.


The main cause of overwork

Have you ever wondered why you need to work so hard? At first glance, the answer is obvious: to make a living. Don’t you think that this is a vicious cycle? You earn to live and live to work.

Unfortunately, for many people, such a condition has become a norm. Admit it, it looks like a virus got into the minds of people, which can be clearly defined as the Lack of Financial Security (LFS) virus. The LFS virus is manifested through the constant shortage of money, high expenses, debts, fears of losing livelihoods. Are these symptoms familiar to you? Such symptoms force you to exhaust yourself with work, putting your health at risk for the sake of a paycheck.

Today, a significant part of the world's population is exposed to the LFS virus.

However, it does not mean that you should totally surrender. You can overcome the disease and break the vicious cycle.


There is a way out

The only way to combat the LFS virus is to strengthen Financial Security.

Financial Security is a state when:

  • your savings are protected;

  • your source of income is stable and reliable;

  • you work to thrive, not to survive;

  • you have time, energy and money for recreation, family needs and self-development.

It is never too late to embark on the pathway to Financial Security, since it doesn’t require tremendous efforts and large financial investments. It is enough to determine the correct sequence of actions and take the first step.

Global InterGold offers its clients a strategy to achieve Financial Security. By following a detailed plan, you will forget about fatigue and your life will be more joyful and exciting!