How to stop whining?

How to stop whining?



At first glance, any of us can distinguish a chronic complainer (whiner) from an active person with a can-do attitude. While one is complaining, the other does everything with enthusiasm...

Who would you like to spend more time with: those who complain or those who address the challenges?

A boring whiner may say something like this:

— He is so lucky all the time...but what about me?

— They helped him, but no one said a word to me.

— Well, here we go again…I am sick of it…Everything is so complicated...

In the meantime, a non-complainer addresses challenges, sets tasks and takes action. Such type of person is capable of making constructive, accurate and positive steps. If such a person stumbles along the way due to sudden problems, he/she can find ways to solve them, take responsibility and move towards the goal.

Plans can be hardly realized on our own, that’s why we need like-minded people. The more such people in a company or organization, the more cohesive it becomes; hence business development gets more effective.


Whining on social media

Every day the number of people expressing negative emotions on social media is increasing. People complain about high prices, poor service, traffic jams, infecting others with their anger, resentment and frustration.

Every day, thousands of people indifferently scroll the news feed, but only few people genuinely want to help others. In this case, the most common action they take: click the "share" button.

A person feels vulnerable when there is no one around to share the pain. If a person is regularly ignored or denied of any kind of support, he/she has no other option but to whine and complain in order to be heard.

The problems of the 21st century are indifference and irresponsibility in society.


Whining is an exciting process

The paradox lies in the fact that a smoker would gladly stop smoking, but he/she doesn’t know where to start. Usually he/she whines about this for a long time, promising to start a new nicotine-free life from Monday onward.

Psychologists believe that adults who are not mature enough engage in whining and excuse-making. A whiner is fascinated by the whining process itself; he/she ceases to understand others and cannot make decisions. Such a person couldn't care less about personal responsibility.

When people around you are constantly whining, nothing changes, while the situation can get worse.


A method of getting rid of whining

It is rather easy. It is necessary to...start taking action. Admit it, it is much easier to get the ball rolling if there is someone beside you who believes in you and helps to take the first steps. Support leads to the only right way – the achievement of a result, even a minor one. It becomes possible if someone offers a helping hand at the right moment to get through frustration and whining to well-being and development.


A world without whiners

In the beginning of the Global InterGold journey, many clients feel support and mutual assistance. Those who have been working in the company for many years, help others, demonstrating the qualities of true Leaders. Their invaluable support helps some people to believe in themselves and start from scratch, facilitating others to unleash potential.

Help manifests itself as a systemic effect called emergence*, boosting the level of human capital in the company. Receiving support internationally, you will be able to achieve Financial Security and help your environment more effectively.

By starting with yourself, you support those beside you, while they, in turn, will help their surroundings. By expanding your influence, you will have an impact on people in your own country, and then in other countries too.


By shifting attitudes towards yourself and the environment,

you take the initiative, helping people and making the world a better place.

Find out the opinion of our clients on the collaboration with the company.




Emergence* — an interaction process when a complex system or entity is observed to have new properties its parts do not have on their own.