What could you afford if you were the owner of a KILOGRAM OF GOLD?

What could you afford if you were the owner of a KILOGRAM OF GOLD?


Have you ever wondered what to do if you had one kilo of gold?

Read this article and discover 9 incredible ideas with which to answer that question, and how to get a kilogram of gold yourself!

Nowadays, one kilogram of gold is worth approximately 38,000 EUR. With this amount of money, you could buy a property, travel, or donate it to charity, for example.

We have gathered a list of 9 ideas on which to spend 38,000 euros in addition to useful information on how to get 1kg of gold yourself!

Let's get started!

1) With 38,000 euros in your pocket, one of the first options to consider is real state. With that amount of money, you could buy a 60m2 apartment in the very center of Cairo, a nice flat in Vienna, or a good house in Thailand. Why booking hotel rooms if you can literally feel at home while traveling?

2) Memories for a lifetime! 1kg of gold would allow you to have a 10-day luxury vacation on Bora Bora in the company of family or friends.

3) Be at the forefront of the latest technology! 1kg of gold would be enough to buy iPhones for 54 people! Apple iPhone 7s for everybody!

4) Or, you could buy a brand new Mini Convertible along with a couple of apartments in Vienna.

5) One kilogram of gold equals to approximately 7 kilos of saffron, the most expensive spice in the world. The price of a kilo of saffron can amount to 5,000 EUR!

6) Having sold 1 kilogram of gold, you can go on a trip to the Arctic Circle and afford 12 sleds with 60 huskies, the best transportation over wilderness!

7) Make a childhood dream come true! Like buying an insane amount of sweets. Did you know that for the price of 1kg of gold you could buy more than 100 kilos of M&Ms?

8) Or, if you are looking for something more sophisticated, you could buy one of the most expensive perfumes in the world: the Royal Arms Diamond Edition Perfume. It costs more than 21,000 EUR! The bottles containing this perfume were made at the beginning of the last century, and each of them is decorated with gold and jewels. And you would still have enough money to afford 6 exclusive bottles of Chanel № 5 Parfum Grand Extrait Limited Edition.

9) But not everything has to be a matter of mere whims. You could also donate the money to charity. It has been statistically proven that 38,000 EUR would be enough to feed 9,500 people in Africa.

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