Why work without joy causes a real damage to health?

Why work without joy causes a real damage to health?



Have you ever experienced discomfort at the workplace? How satisfied are you with your job?

Psychologists and physicians admit: a job that is dull and doesn’t bring joy is a tough challenge for everyone.

A job that brings disappointment negatively affects both psychological and emotional states. A person gets anxious and feels hopeless. In the future, such a loathsome activity can cause chronic stress, triggering more serious health issues.

Let’s review the side effects of doing a job that you hate.

1. Changes in eating habits

If a person is under constant stress at work, a strong release of adrenaline occurs, causing the suppression of hunger. That’s why, against the background of emotional distress, many people lose weight.

Others have the opposite effect: being under stress, a body releases too much cortisol, a hormone that increases appetite. A person turns to food for comfort (emotional overeating) and thus gains weight.


2. Physical strain

When a job does not bring satisfaction, a person starts to feel depressed, slouches more often, hunching one’s shoulders. Such a person may think that his/her presence is less noticeable to others.

If a person hates his/her job, he/she often becomes aggressively defensive: tightly squeezes jaws, keeping shoulders and neck tense. This can lead to frequent headaches and problems with a cervical spine.

3. Digestive disorders

When the working environment depresses a person, a digestive system may not function well enough, while stress may cause a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

In this case, eating at lunchtime can cause unexpected mood swings, as well as stomach cramps, abdomen heaviness and bloating. Due to nervous tension, the process of digestion significantly slows down and eventually deteriorates.


4. Immunodeficiency

Being under chronic stress, the human immune system weakens, resulting in prolonged illnesses. Medical research shows that people who experience negative emotions at work are exposed to viral infections and colds to a greater extent.

In the case of people with asthma, stress can induce frequent bouts of the disease. Those who suffer from overweight, as a result of nervous breakdowns, may experience an increase in blood sugar levels, which increases the risk of diabetes.


5. Reduced productivity

A loathsome job can give rise to a constant fatigue, a decrease in productivity, a deterioration of memory and attention.

The level of brain activity gets reduced, the workload seems overwhelming, and the task becomes even more daunting. Confusion leads to frequent errors and flaws, resulting in missed deadlines, delays and poor quality of work.


6. Sleep deprivation

Systematic sleep disorders are the most common symptom of chronic stress. It takes more time for the human brain to fully recover, and because of this, a person can’t fall asleep, tosses and turns, often waking up in the middle of the night.

When a person wakes up, a feeling of hopelessness is triggered. Such a person feels uninspired and totally exhausted, the mere thought of going back to work and doing the same loathsome job makes him/her extremely anxious.

7. A threat to the future

Disappointment along with a despised job can have a negative effect on a person’s entire life. It has been scientifically proven that people of 20–30 years of age who are dissatisfied with their careers have an unstable mental condition by the time they turn 40. They live in a state of constant anxiety and are prone to prolonged depressions.

These factors can trigger cardiovascular diseases that are life-threatening, especially in the adulthood, given that such diseases can shorten life.


How to help yourself?

A person who does a job he/she hates and is under constant stress, in most cases, clings on to the job out of fear of losing income.

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If you are tired of living a stressful life and you want to enjoy work that is not to the detriment of your own health, perhaps it is time to change your career?